Electric Ranges vs Gas Ranges: How to Choose for Your Kitchen

Knobs on an electric rangetop.

Electric Ranges vs Gas Ranges What is the difference between an electric range and a gas range? When it comes to choosing a stove for your kitchen, this is an important decision that many chefs care deeply about. Others make the choice due to their preference in convenience, reliability, or energy type. Electric stoves and […]

Time to Update the Electrical Wiring in Your Garage

Garage Electrical

Garages are often a neglected part of the home because people think they are just a place to park the car and store the holiday decorations. Garages can be a functional part of your home, and there are plenty of reasons why you should give your garage some attention. You can update your garage and […]

Cut Business Costs with Efficient Lighting

Office work stations with lighting.

Finding ways to make your business energy-efficient will lower your energy bills and contribute to lower overhead costs, starting with the electric bill. The lighting in businesses can account for 10- to 25% of the bill, but sometimes it can be as high as 50% for others! This percentage can depend on how much lighting […]

How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go! Whether you’re leaving for a weekend trip or an extended period of time, there are important things to consider to secure the safety of your property while you’re away. Get a Home Security System Your first line of defense against burglary or home disaster is a […]

How to Use a Power Strip Properly and Safely

Our modern lives are full of so many appliances, computers, phones, and more—all of which need power. Naturally, power strips have become fixtures in many of our homes. While a power strip may not be the most complicated electrical component in your home, it’s still important to know how to use it properly, to protect […]