Why Does My Electrical Outlet Feel Hot?

Outlet on wall

Homes rely on internal wiring to power all the essentials of modern life. Your outlets are wired to provide grounded power for appliances, phone chargers, power tools, and anything else you might use in your daily routine. Most of the time, outlets are cool to the touch or slightly warm with electricity running behind the […]

Common Winter Electrical Problems

warming hands next to a space heater

Winter is when homeowners need to be extra vigilant about the state of their electrical systems. Cold temperatures and moisture from rain and snow can cause several problems that can put your home at risk. Here are some common winter electrical problems that you should be aware of: Tripping Breakers If your breakers are frequently […]

What to Do When the Power Goes Out in Winter

winter power outage

Winter is coming, so it’s time to start thinking about how you will prepare your home for the season. North Dakota is a state known for its harsh winters. The state has seen several snow storms that have resulted in power outages for homes and businesses across the state. While staying warm during these times […]

Unique Lighting Ideal for Office Spaces

Office Lighting

Light is one of the core elements in the design world. Whether natural or artificial, good lighting sets the mood and contributes to the functionality of any space. There are three types of lighting: Whether you work from home or in a formal office setting, the lighting quality can mean the difference between success and […]

Circuit Breaker Tripped Again? Here’s What to Do

Tripped Circuit Breaker | Electrical Information

The circuit breaker has been tripped again—how annoying! There’s nothing worse than not being able to run your appliances at the same time. Tripping a breaker once or twice might not seem like a big deal, but if it’s happening more frequently, it might be time to get it checked out. Read on to learn […]

Things You Should Know Before Using a Generator

A Power Generator | Electrical Information

Homeowners across the United States have experienced widespread power outages this year due to extreme weather events—such as the Texas winter storm in February and the heat dome across the northwest this summer. A portable home generator is a valuable asset during a power outage, but improper use of a generator can lead to significant […]

The Importance of Whole-Home Surge Protection

Summer is the season of thunderstorms in North Dakota. Although lightning creates an impressive light show in the sky, it can do some significant damage if it strikes your home—especially if you don’t have a surge protector. Read on to learn more about the importance of whole-home surge protection and how JDP Electric can help. […]

4 Ways To Winterize Your Home and Save Money

dining table in front of a large window

Winter is coming! Right now is the perfect time to make some changes around your home to ensure it stays cozy all season long and saves you money! How about that? Here are 4 great ways to winterize your home and save money doing it. Switch to Energy-efficient Lighting: In winter less sunlight means more […]

How to Use a Power Strip Properly and Safely

Our modern lives are full of so many appliances, computers, phones, and more—all of which need power. Naturally, power strips have become fixtures in many of our homes. While a power strip may not be the most complicated electrical component in your home, it’s still important to know how to use it properly, to protect […]