blackened outlet that has been damaged by a fire

The Dangers of Sparking Outlets

When thinking about household electrical problems, homeowners often think of storm surges and lights being too bright or too dim. However, the most serious electrical problems can often come from the smallest spaces, such as sparking outlets.

Let’s take a look at the causes and risks of a sparking electrical outlet.

What Causes a Sparking Outlet?

The most common cause of a sparking outlet is a large build-up of heat.

People often think that using a power bar means that you can plug in as many devices as you want, but outlets are designed to draw a finite amount of electricity. By having too many appliances plugged in, an outlet will draw too much electricity and melt its components.

What Are the Dangers of a Sparking Outlet?

Everybody knows that playing with electricity is risky, but a sparking outlet can be an even greater danger if left untreated. If an outlet continues to spark, it can lose control of its electrical output, overload your devices, and cause expensive repairs.

The biggest risk of a sparking outlet, though, is the possibility of an electrical fire. 63% of house fires are caused by electrical or wiring issues, which means that a sparking outlet puts your whole family at risk.

How To Repair a Sparking Outlet?

A home’s electrical system is delicate, and it is easy for an untrained individual to do severe damage while attempting to do repairs. If you are having issues with a sparking outlet and are afraid of potential fires, call a trained and trusted electrician to deal with the problem.

However, there are several things homeowners can do to prepare for an electrician’s visit. Using your home’s electrical panel to shut off power to the room is the first thing you should do to prevent any electrical fires before the technician arrives. Homeowners should also identify the voltage of their outlets in order to buy the right replacements.

Sparking outlets have the potential to harm your family and your property, but the trained experts at JDP Electric can take care of your worries in a flash. Give our residential experts a call today at 701-232-1991 or visit us online for more great tips on electrical safety.

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