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8 Tips to Save on Energy This Summer

During the hot summer months, many people often see an increase in their utility bills. When temperatures rise, air conditioning usage increases as we try to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. This in turn results in increased home energy costs. Oftentimes, air conditioning and keeping your house cool account for the biggest spend. Fortunately, taking certain steps can help you save energy at home even as you combat the hot summer weather.


Cleaning or replacing air filters regularly is a simple but effective way to keep your cooling system running efficiently. Dirty or clogged filters restrict airflow, causing your unit to work harder and use more energy.

Clean or replace your air filter at least every three months. By doing this, you ensure your cooling system is not strained, runs efficiently and lower the unit’s energy consumption by up to 15 percent.


While it may be tempting to blast your AC in the summer, raising the temperature on your thermostat will help to cut down on energy usage. Set your thermostat at the highest comfortable temperature. The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your cooling costs will be.

Also, consider using timers so your AC is not on all day, but only when needed. That way, you can regulate your AC optimally, effectively reducing your energy consumption and bill.


Ceiling fans make for a great way to cool a room. Fans are also cheaper to run than air conditioners. As such, consider using fans in occupied rooms to supplement your AC. During summer, ceiling fans should rotate in a counterclockwise direction. That way, the blades push cool air down, helping you feel more comfortable. Lastly, remember to turn off all fans when you leave a room to reduce energy pull.


Summer is grilling season. Once the warmer weather kicks in, grill outdoors so your stove and oven can take a break. Using a conventional stovetop or oven will create a lot of unwanted heat indoors, forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder to keep your house cool. On the other hand, outdoor grilling allows you to prepare your favorite meals while keeping the heat outside.


Summer means longer days and more sunlight. To keep the hot sun out and prevent heat gain, close your blinds, drapes and curtains, particularly during the hottest parts of the day. Shading your home from direct sunlight will not only help to keep your space cool but also give your AC a break.


Even when they are not in use, your appliances and equipment consume electricity. Unplugging your TV, computer, oven, toaster, coffee maker and other devices when they are not in use will contribute to savings on energy costs.


To save energy and keep your house cool during summer, switch to LED lights. Compared to standard incandescent light bulbs, LED lights use less energy, run much cooler and last longer. Also, be sure to turn off lights when not in use.


Water heating accounts for around 20 percent of the energy consumed in homes. To lower your water heating costs, wash clothes and dishes with cold water during summer. Similarly, consider taking cooler showers to cut energy costs.

Summers can see a significant increase in your home energy costs. However, it is possible to save money despite the higher temperatures, or all year long. At JDP Electric, we are a premier electrical contractor in Fargo, ND. We can help you make your home more energy-efficient, keep you and your family comfortable and keep your energy bill cool. Contact us for more information.

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