Why Does My Electrical Outlet Feel Hot?

Outlet on wall

Homes rely on internal wiring to power all the essentials of modern life. Your outlets are wired to provide grounded power for appliances, phone chargers, power tools, and anything else you might use in your daily routine. Most of the time, outlets are cool to the touch or slightly warm with electricity running behind the […]

Lighting for Your Main Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to bathroom design, lighting plays a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetics. Balancing these two aspects can be a challenge, but with careful consideration, you can find the perfect combination of lighting types for your bathroom. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, here are some lighting ideas to keep in mind. […]

Invest Your Tax Return in These 6 Electrical Projects

Electrical Tips

For many families, getting back your tax return means a little extra to reinvest into your home. Smart application of your tax return funds can result in increased home values, both providing a better quality of life and an eventually higher sale price if you later decide to sell the home and launch into a […]

Choosing the Right Commercial Electrical Contractor


When running a business, having a reliable and efficient electrical system is crucial. That’s why choosing the right commercial electrical contractor is essential. But how do you find the right one? And what makes commercial electrical work different from residential? First off, a commercial electrical contractor is a licensed electrician specializing in electrical work for […]

Home Renovations That Require a Professional Electrician

An Electrician Working | Electrical Information

Some electrical issues at home are fixable through DIY solutions, such as minor repairs and replacements. However, there are a few matters that would require renovations, which in turn would need the expertise of your local residential electricians. Be sure to call a professional if you encounter the following instances. Upgrading an Electrical Panel Adding […]