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Invest Your Tax Return in These 6 Electrical Projects

For many families, getting back your tax return means a little extra to reinvest into your home. Smart application of your tax return funds can result in increased home values, both providing a better quality of life and an eventually higher sale price if you later decide to sell the home and launch into a new property.

At JDP Electric, we have a unique perspective on upgrades that can make your home safer, more attractive, and higher value all at the same time. Today, we’d like to suggest the six best electrical projects for your tax return investment.

Improving Safety with Basic Repairs

First, look for ways to improve your home with electrical upgrades and repairs. A home’s electrical system is only designed to last a few decades, and repairs can improve both your home’s safety and functionality.

1. Long-Needed Repairs

Is there a flickering light or faulty outlet in your home? Have you noticed issues with a certain breaker that trips often or weak lighting in one area of the house? Electrical issues that you have noticed over time are your top candidate for smart electrical upgrades. Fixing electrical problems will raise your home’s value, improve your quality of life, and make your home safer for your family.

2. Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel was installed to last about 25-40 years, but many homes are much older than that. Old electrical panels are a source of electrical problems like tripped breakers and even house fires. If your home’s electrical panel is old, getting an upgrade is one of the best things you can do for both your home and your family. This will both increase your home’s infrastructure value and improve your home’s overall electrical performance.

3. Replace/Add/Update Outlets and Switches

Outlet and switch updates are a great way to invest in your home. Give yourself the gift of modern outlets. Where there are only two-prong outlets, install grounded three-prong. Where there are only two standard sockets, add extra sockets or even USB A and USB C ports to truly modernize your home experience. Replace dingy old light switches or install smart home controls directly into the walls.

Renovating Your Home’s Look and Lightscape

A home’s lighting is a great way to date a house. Flush dome lights and decaying chandeliers are both signatures of a previous era. Updating both your interior and exterior lighting can transform your home into a more modern abode and add fixtures that are more smart-home friendly.

4. Install Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is a great way to enhance your curb appeal and your home’s overall value. Replace that old porch light with a new lightscape, add landscaping lights to enhance the house, and path lights to make a safe and charming outdoor space at night.

5. Update Your Interior Lighting

New interior lights will help reinvent your home as a modern space, both for your enjoyment and to increase the value should you decide to sell. Non-enclosed fixtures are popular right now, in part because they work better with smart bulbs. For older homes, you can even add lighting in rooms that completely lack a fixture.

6. Install Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are elegant, provide light, and are great for reducing your power bill in both summer and winter. A ceiling fan in each bedroom can improve sleep quality, while a ceiling fan in the living room or on the porch can make family time more comfortable without cranking up the AC.

Investing Your Tax Return in Electrical Upgrades

You deserve to live in a home with modern wiring, outlets, and lighting. If you are considering home projects to invest your tax return, electrical upgrades offer safety, aesthetics, and improved property value with each installation. Using your tax return to improve the safety or looks of your home is a smart investment.

No matter what project you want to tackle first, call a professional! The friendly team at JDP Electric is a call away at 701-232- 1991, or send us a message on our contact page.

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